Life in Australia

Welcome to Australia!

Melbourne has been consistently ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the world. With Danford College as your starting point, you will easily find out what makes Melbourne such a great city to live in and why so many students choose Danford.

Located right in the heart of Melbourne, Danford College is moments away from the city’s attractions and cultural precincts.

With just a few steps or a short tram ride, you will find yourself in cafés that serve excellent coffee, bars with boutique beers, lush parks, or art galleries.

You can also simply walk around and get lost in Melbourne’s inner laneways to discover street art or tucked-away restaurants.

Spend time with friends and explore Melbourne’s food and wine scene, which is known all over the world.

On weekends, have fun and learn at world class cultural festivals or events – there is at least one every week!

The list of things to do in Melbourne is indeed endless, which is why we’ve made a list of station, stops, and sites closest to Danford College.

Nearby train station & tram stops:

William Street Campus

  • Next to Flagstaff Railway Station (William Street Campus)
  • 1-minute walk to tram stops along William Street and La Trobe Street
  • Within the Free Tram Zone: free tram travel around the CBD

King Street Campus

  • 5-minute walk Flagstaff Railway Station
  • 1-minute walk to tram stops along La Trobe Street
  • Within the Free Tram Zone: free tram travel around the CBD

Nearby tourist sites or precincts:

  • 5-minute tram ride to Bourke Street Mall (Melbourne’s central shopping strip)
  • 10-minute walk to Queen Victoria Market (Melbourne’s biggest market)
  • 10-minute walk to Docklands precinct and Marvel Stadium

Explore further
Beyond the CBD, fringe suburbs such as Fitzroy, Carlton, Richmond, and Collingwood are thriving cultural hubs, with a rich history of live music, pubs, boutiques, and art galleries.

Students also love to take day trips to iconic attractions including the following:

  • Great Ocean Road – Prepare to be in awe by the majestic Twelve Apostles and scenic ocean ride. Try some surfing and hiking, too!
  • Phillip Island – Check out penguins and koalas in their natural habitats.
  • Yarra Valley – Sip some of the best wines straight from the wineries.
  • Dandenong Ranges – Enjoy the nature and wildlife to cute villages and fantastic food.
  • Mornington Peninsula- Perfect seaside escape from the CBD.
  • Grampians National Park – The road to the Grampians. It’s more an escape route. Dotted with surprises, marked by wonder.
  • Wilsons Promontory Park – Find native wildlife, such as wombats, emus, kangaroos, and many birds.

Cost of living in Melbourne

The average international student in Australia could spend between AUD$395 and AUD$1,120 per week on accommodation, food, entertainment, clothing, phone, internet, transport, and other living costs.

A minimum of AUD$20,290 per year (excluding tuition) is needed to cover living expenses, depending on the type of accommodation selected (e.g. homestay, rental, share house, etc). A partner or spouse will need an additional AUD$7,100 per year, whilst a child will need AUD$3,040 per year.


Hostels and Guesthouses $90 to $150 per week
Shared Rental $95 to $215 per week
On campus $110 to $280 per week
Homestay $235 to $325 per week
Rental $185 to $440 per week
Boarding schools $11,000 to $22,000
Other living expenses
Groceries and eating out $140 to $280 per week
Gas, electricity $10 to $20 per week
Phone and Internet $15 to $30 per week
Public transport $30 to $60 per week
Car (after purchase) $150 to $260 per week
Entertainment $80 to $150 per week

Cost of living

The Department of Home Affairs has financial requirements you must meet in order to receive a student Visa for Australia.

Refer to the step by step Student Visa Subclass 500 application and Document Checklist Tool for details on how to provide the evidence required to cover the costs of your stay, including your travel, study and living expenses.

As of October 2019 the 12-month living costs are;

  • For students or guardians – AUD$21,041
  • For partners coming with you – AUD$7,362
  • For a child coming with you – AUD$3,152