Orientation & induction

Danford College orients and inducts new students to introduce them to the staff and familiarise them with the campus and facilities. We will also introduce and discuss policies and procedures for students at Danford.

Check out the Orientation and Enrolment Process video (here)

Students must attend the orientation and induction to be aware and informed of their rights and responsibilities. Moreover, these will provide students with the chance to ask questions and to meet the staff and fellow students.

The Orientation and Induction Program provides information and activities regarding the following but not limited to:

  • Danford College’s campus tour informing regarding facilities, resources, and contact details;
  • The available support services to assist overseas students to help them adjust to study and life in Australia;
  • Critical incident management system;
  • Emergency and health services;
  • Introduction of relevant Danford Staff Members (Academic and Student Support)
  • Complaints and appeals processes;
  • Requirements for course attendance and progress and student responsibilities;
  • Support services available for students including counseling sessions;