Information Technology

Aim to Succeed with Professional Year ICT Program at Danford College!

What is it?

The Professional Year (PY) Program is developed by the Australian Computer Society (ACS) and approved by the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs (DHA).

This course offers International ICT graduates a job readiness program and an Internship placement to provide pathway from full-time study to employment in Australia. The Program is designed to assist international student graduates to enhance employment opportunities in their chosen career, and it may provide eligibility for migration points towards permanent residency.

Our quality PY trainers will assist in developing your skills to:

  • Function effectively and competently in a business environment;
  • Understand the cross-cultural aspects of the Australian workplace;
  • Contribute constructively to workplace dynamics:
  • Participate within professional networks, and;
  • Build a strong foundation on which to develop a professional career.

Who can study?

The ACS PY Program is for international students who have successfully completed an Australian Bachelor or Master’s Degree in IT or ICT with a minimum of two years of study within Australia. Please see eligibility requirements for more information.

Five Reasons to study PY

  1. Enhance your  professional skills and expand your employment opportunities in the Australian job market.

  2. Learn the fundamentals of Australian work practices, business communication and the professional ‘Code of Conduct’.

  3. Build your CV and improve your  interview techniques and network with industry by attending PD events as you become an official member of the ACS (Australian Computer Society).

  4. Undertake an Internship to familiarise yourself with aspects of Australian work practices.

  5. Completion of this Program may provide the PY graduate with five (5) points under an eligible skilled occupation, as specified by the DHA.

Where and when is it?

PY classes run every Saturday (excluding public holidays) from 9:00am to 6:00pm (including 1-hour lunch break) at Danford College

How much is PY?

Professional Year Information Technology
Course Duration 44 – 52 Weeks
Course Fees $11,399
Material Fees $200
Enrolment Fees $300

Fee Payment Plans

Payment plans and scholarships are available. Students wishing to opt for a payment plan or Scholarship must pay their course fees via direct debit only. Direct debit setup and other charges are paid by the students.

For current course fees, please contact our Professional Year Program coordinator via email [email protected]

What to expect in our campuses.

Location: Overlooking the city skyline- Located in the heart of the city, Danford College is moments away  from some of Melbourne’s greatest attractions. As Australia’s European-style southern capital, it’s easy to find a great cafés, bars, parks, or art galleries to explore nearby.

Classrooms: Our campus includes bright, spacious classrooms appointed with the latest educational technology. Our computer labs and classrooms are equipped with high-speed internet and free Wi-Fi, plus audio-visual equipment.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): We require you to bring your own technology (Laptop/Ipad) for your use in class.  You will be productive and connected at all times with Danford College.

Trainers: Danford College trainers are selected for their industry experience and ability to relate to and support you as you learn. They keep their content current and relevant to ensure your knowledge can be applied in real-world situations.

Events & Activities: Skills development workshops held by Danford College add to your social networking skills.

As an IT PY student, you are automatically provided with membership to the Australian Computer Society (ACS), the association that represents IT, professionals. During your PY Program, you are required to attend at least 3 ACS networking events or 1 PY day conference to attain a minimum of 6 CPD (Continuing Professional Development) hours.