Professional Year Information Technology

To meet the DIBP requirements Danford College provides a high quality program
consisting of 8 modules, delivered over 32 weeks (8 hours per week) and a 3 month (12 weeks) full-time unpaid internship placement. Participants are also required to attend events and the ICT participants are required to undertake an online module during their internship placement.

Information Technology (086832D)



An overview of the Professional Year, timelines, objectives/outcomes and expectations
As per ACS PY orientation


An overview of the Professional Year, timelines, objectives/outcomes and expectations
Explanation of the mentoring/coaching to be provided
Overview of the work placement logistics, legalities, roles and responsibilities, etc
Attendance and participation requirements•Overview of the recruitment scene in Australia
Question and answer session
A Danford College tour

Module 1 - Navigating the Australian Workplace

Unit 1 Recognise Australian workplace culture and customs
Unit 2 Undertake ethical decision-making and understand impact on the individual, organisation, profession and community
Unit 3 Explore the information technology function within broader organisational functions
Unit 4 Identify Australian management, concepts and practice

Module 2 - Ensuring Workplace Health and Safety

Unit 1 Explore Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) legislation in Australia
Unit 2 Identify workplace hazards and assess risk
Unit 3 Develop risk mitigation and control strategies
Unit 4 Apply WHS policy in the workplace

Module 3 - Manage Personal Career Development

Unit 1 Create an effective curriculum vitae (CV) and covering letter
Unit 2 Develop an effective career network
Unit 3 Understand oneself and career planning
Unit 4 Create career plan including goal-settingManage Personal Career Development

Module 4 - Preparing for the Employment Market

Unit 1 Identify trends and opportunities in the information technology job market
Unit 2 Interpret and apply for job advertisements
Unit 3 Prepare for selection interviews
Unit 4 Use verbal and non-verbal language in role-play interview situations

Module 5 - Effective Workplace Communication

Unit 1 Develop clear verbal and non-verbal communication
Unit 2 Write effective correspondence
Unit 3 3 Create a formal report
Unit 4 Deliver presentations

Module 6 - Participating in Successful Teamwork

Unit 1 Participate and communicate effectively as a team member
Unit 2 Develop cultural awareness and sensitivity
Unit 3 Demonstrate conflict resolution and negotiation skills
Unit 4 Lead a team

Module 7 - Providing Effective Client Services

Unit 1 Understand the client requirements
Unit 2 Communicate effectively with clients
Unit 3 Manage meetings I
Unit 4 Manage meetings II

Module 8 - Working in Australian Business Environments

Unit 1 Identify common organisational structures used in business
Unit 2 Apply business protocols and etiquette used in Australian workplaces
Unit 3 Demonstrate effective reporting in Australian business
Unit 4 Develop networks with internal and external customers

Internship with Australian Host Company as an International Student Community focused on employment outcomes through intern and Professional Year placements, seminars and networking events ACS Professional Environments (PE) Internships and Professional Year placements prepare international graduates for work in Australia and, together with our hosted seminars and events, set the foundations to secure ideal employment

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